Don’t Be Half, Be Whole.

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If you find you are somehow stuck doing the wrong things for the wrong people, remember yourself. You have just one life to live. And your dreams will only be realized if you drive toward them, and ignore the naysayers and obstructionists.

Start doing the right things for the right person — yourself. You’ve done plenty of great things for other people–the good people around you–so bring it back to old #1, and don’t feel guilty about doing it. You deserve it. The clock is ticking. Time flies. Go.

What’s Your Path?

When your day begins, and you take off for your next adventure, your next goal, your latest dream, or that new relationship, what route do you take?

When your adventure unfolds, where do you find yourself? What path do you prefer? What line do you follow?

It’s not just about where you’re going, but the road you take getting there. Our navigational tendencies are as unique as our personalities. And the path we choose illustrates how we like to experience life.

So…. where do you like to walk?

Along a cliff’s edge?

Mtn. Goats 2- Choice Shot--Grays Peak-HI-RES - Version 2


On thin ice?



Or on pins and needles?



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Would you walk on the path of least resistance? IMG_7913.JPG

Or on the road less traveled?


Maybe the long and winding one.






Do you prefer to dance on your enemy’s doorstep?

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IMG_0818 - Version 4







Or walk on the edge of fear?