Photo Art

Photographs are one thing. Photo Art takes my photography to another dimension, bridled only by the imagination and fun forays in Photoshop.

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IMG_8580 - photo art - tree trunk in rock 2010-09-19


Kaleidoscope Dandelion 2009-04-18 (1)

Fuscia - Accented Edges 2005-02-24

Cosmic Waterfall- IMG_2202 2007-06-29


IMG_1088 - PhotoArt Waterfalls 2011-04-28

IMG_2310- Fuscia - Glowing Edges Photo Art IMG_2463 Ol' Snaggletooth photoart 2015-04-19

IMG_6152 - Art Version 3a

IMG_2588 - watercolor+poster edges 2007-08-19

Tree Art - Hudson Street - Fresco Effect